Boosterthon Fun Run

Boosterthon Fun Run

The Boosterthon Fun Run is an exciting program that emphasizes fitness, leadership and character and serves public and private schools throughout the country by helping them boost funding. Their team members are consistently serving schools by building confidence and character in students while helping schools provide better facilities, equipment, programs and opportunities in the classroom.

Since its inception in 2001, Boosterthon has served more thousands of schools raising more than $100 million for education. As product-based strategies rapidly decline, more schools are turning to Booster's leading, healthy alternative to school funding. What's even better? They have a proven track record of increasing school funding by more than 70 percent per student.

In addition, Boosterthon Experience Leaders also bring the classroom to life teaching values based on a yearly theme. We're excited to tell the Boosterthon Fun Run story and be part of encouraging kids to live healthy, active lifestyles and make positive choices. Visit http://boosterthon.com for more information.

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