More than just an agency.


Our clients say it best: Trusted Partner.


Media Relations

Tell your story in a compelling way.

Story is always the driving force behind cultural change. As professional storytellers, we get to share brand stories through key, trusted outlets to create a steady stream of third-party endorsements. The more your story is shared from trusted publications, the more influence you have with your audience. Let our team partner with you to create lasting impact.

Social Media

build and Engage your community.

Social media is your greatest resource when gauging brand loyalty, satisfaction and advocacy. Our team knows how to create content that strategically and authentically draws key audiences. Responsive engagement will shape your online reputation as we serve as an extension of any customer service and marketing arm. 


Paid Media


Purchased exposure is a powerful way to boost brand presence. Our team has seen how digital, social, print, outdoor and broadcast advertising is best used in tandem with strategic media relations. It adds frequency to storytelling. 

Campaign Development

craft a narrative through multiple outlets.

A campaign is a timely and targeted approach to engage audiences in your brand's work. Campaigns encompass a cross section of public relations, events, advertising and social media to quickly and effectively gain attention. 


See.Spark.Go began in 2007 with a desire to tell the best stories in the world. Stories that matter.

Our team of talented storytellers make brands come to life through a variety of mediums. With a decade under our belts, our team has extensive relationships with media outlets across the nation. Whether a hyperlocal, timely campaign to drive traffic or an amplified, targeted, national awareness campaign, we can run it soup to nuts.

All of this fits seamlessly into a grander strategy of integrated communication—the strongest way of building a brand—from social media and influencer marketing to earned third-party endorsements and purchased media.

Ultimately, we believe in relationships and results. In other words, we have fun doing work that matters with you, and we're really good at it.


Imagine yourself here...

We adopted a hiring philosophy in the early days: character. competence. chemistry.
Three must-haves for team members at See.Spark.Go. But, there's a mysterious fourth quality
we've added lately: calling. To work here, you must possess the drive, passion, desire and pull to do great things, because they matter. 

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