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Emily graduated in May 2018 from Berry College, where she was actively involved in supporting the Berry Vikings athletic department and advocating for the local foster care community. Drawn to storytelling and any opportunity to learn new things, Emily connected with See.Spark.Go in June 2018, completed the apprenticeship program and is currently an Account Coordinator. Outside of work, you will most likely find Emily planning a trip, attending a concert (probably NeedtoBreathe), resisting the urge to buy another plant, hunting for bargains or strolling the local farmer’s market. A few things Emily will never pass up are a good book, a random night drive and a solid pair of jeans.

Enneagram Number: Well, I keep testing as a 2 (the helper), but I deeply believe I am a 7, the enthusiast (and have recently learned that 7's often mis-test as 2's).

I totally nerd-out over: Song lyrics, antiques, quotes and fun facts.

Walk-Up Song: Going to Mars by Judah & the Lion

Favorite word in the english language: Cattywampus

If I were a social media platform I'd be: Twitter. It's quick and witty but can also be relevant, serious and the go-to for companies in times of crisis.

Why SSG? It's about much more than PR here. We do great work in creative ways, but we make even greater relationships between our team members and with our clients.