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McCauley’s SSG story has come full circle: after kickstarting her public relations career as an intern in Spring 2014, she returns with experience on both agency and in-house communications teams. With an innate knack for connecting with people, she’s refined her media, branding and content expertise working with brands of all shapes and sizes - from national restaurant chains to local nonprofits. 

When I was a kid, I swore I'd grow up to be: A Broadway star!

Diet Coke or LaCroix? LaCroix for sure. Pamplemousse.

If I won the lottery tomorrow: I’d donate half, pay off my parents mortgage, cover my fiancé’s medical school debt, take all my best friends on a killer trip around the world and save the rest.

On any given weekend, you'll find me: Walking the BeltLine, checking out one of Atlanta’s many awesome restaurants, then hanging out at home with good friends and great conversation

I'm an expert at: Finding the best local (non-tourist) restaurants and hangouts in foreign countries

Why SSG? The people! And our belief that your best self is the result of a life well balanced with work.