Capitalize on Twitter and LinkedIn Updates to Increase Engagement | Part 2

As many of you know, we’ve opened SSG ATL, the second ever installment of See.Spark.Go. We may be laying roots throughout Georgia, but we tell the best stories all over. And, we have the best people (just sayin’). Our team and the company we keep attracted our first-ever Atlanta-based intern, Jordan Nations, all the way from Sarasota, Fla. See, we’re all over.

In case you missed Part 1, Jordan shared about recent updates to formerly text-driven platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. In this next installment, our social media/blog-writing protegé shares how you can put the tips to good use. Take it away, Jordan!


The positive impact of visual content in your organization’s communication is measurable, and it has never been easier to create and share visuals straight to your targeted consumer’s pocket.

Invest in quality pictures and graphics worth sharing.

Have a good quote to share from the CEO? Overlay that quote on top of a picture of them speaking. Want people to know the benefits of your product or service? Create an informative infographic that displays the information clearly with language consumers will understand. Use images from your events, office happenings or advertising to engage your audience and make your brand personal.

Another option is using high-quality photos from websites like Unsplash or Pixabay to enhance your content. These photos are free and can be used however you’d like according to each site’s creative commons licensing policy.

Do not underestimate the power of video.

Videos require more investment but increasingly prove to be the most engaging content on all social media platforms.

Make it sleek and professional, like the latest from our friends at Airstream releasing the new Basecamp:

Or more comical, like this one we developed with Barberitos:

Sharing your story—whether personally or professionally—on social media requires increasingly engaging content as the social space becomes more and more cluttered.

What are you doing to engage the world with your story?