Introducing—Summer 2017 Interns!

Every semester, we work with some of the brightest students and future PR professionals. Brimming with motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration, these team members bring a burst of energy and fresh perspective to our work. Together, we learn how to balance tenacious work ethic and big responsibility with a hefty dose of fun.

Over the past 10 years, we have been able to help companies across the nation grow in influence by leveraging one foundational resource—our team! So without further ado, meet the rock stars who will be adding an extra dose of spark into our PR and social strategies this summer.

Left to right: Anna Alyssa, Rosemary, Kayla and Tom

Left to right: Anna Alyssa, Rosemary, Kayla and Tom

Anna Alyssa McKoy hails from the Classic City and relieves stress by organizing. You read that correctly—this girl has strategy written all over her! Her passion for writing began at a young age, allowing her to intern with the Athens Banner-Herald as a high school student. Like founder of SSG, Brittany Thoms, Woo and Positivity are her top two strengths according to Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. She dreams of working in PR for a fashion label in the Big Apple one day, so keep an eye out as she makes her way to the top!  

SSG’s Atlanta intern, Kayla Watkins is cool, calm and collected. With Competition as her top strength, she easily rises to leadership roles in the organizations she serves. With sights set on a career in entertainment PR or law in Hollywood, she’s willing to go the distance. When she's not juggling school, work and campus involvement, she relaxes with a movie, follows trends on social media and searches for new, fun places to grab a bite to eat.

Rosemary Ankerich loves writing for both press and social media campaigns. These skills combined with her strengths of Discipline and Belief and her affinity for photography make her dream to be a travel photographer and blogger a little more realistic. When she's not working on PR and social media, catch her reading by the pool, spending time outside and sharing time with her 10-person family including her seven younger siblings adopted from China.

Tom Cullen grew up in central England. His passion for research led him to the States to pursue a graduate degree in history, but after a short time at UGA, he discovered his calling to the communication world. With Restorative as a top strength, his ultimate goal is to make a difference in the world. He would like to do that through earning a leadership role in a company. Cooking is his favorite pastime, and he takes the opportunity to bake savory muffins or macarons any time he can.

Follow along with us on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) this summer to see the success of this great group of young communicators!