Tailgate with Airstream's Endless Caravan Family (and Us!)

Without a doubt, traveling is one of our favorite ways to experience life. It allows us to be with the ones we love, embrace new adventures, find freedom and wander into places or experiences that we have always longed to go.

However, to go where we need to go, we need to make choices. Do we choose to go right or left, north or south? Sometimes the question can evolve into something a bit more complex like, “Is it possible to change the world, fall in love and raise a family?” Ultimately, do we choose Love or Work?

That is the question that Jeff and Andre Shinabarger of Plywood People are seeking to answer.

So we sent them on Airstream’s Endless Caravan to meet people who have insight in the area. Both Jeff and Andre are go-getters with a heart to make this world a better place while raising two beautiful children.

As they travel across the Southeast in an Airstream for six weeks, they are interviewing couples who are also going after their dreams, raising families and figuring out how to stay in love. The feedback has been nothing short of eye-opening. They are gleaning tips and reminders to keep check on what is important and making margin for who is important. Follow @loveorwork on Instagram to learn along with them.

Shinabarger Endless Caravan

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On Saturday, Sept. 16 — YES TOMORROW! — the Shinabargers will take a break from interviews to tailgate out of their Airstream with friends and family at See.Spark.Go in Athens, Ga.! Follow See.Spark.Go’s Instagram Stories to catch a glimpse, and stop by if you’re in God’s Country cheering on the Dawgs!

Sat., Sept. 16 • 2 p.m.
250 N. Milledge Ave.
Athens, Ga. 30601