PR Rockstars on the Rise: Meet SSG’s Spring 2018 Interns & Apprentices!

At See.Spark.Go, we can never resist the chance to brag on our team members, especially our interns, who play such an integral part in the work that we do. The fresh perspective they offer is sometimes exactly what’s needed to give a campaign or pitch its unique edge.

With our HQ in Athens, we feel blessed to neighbor the University of Georgia’s Grady College — one of the top journalism and mass communication schools in the nation. Each semester, we bring on four to six new interns, fully integrate them into our team and allow them to learn by doing, confidently take risks and work with tenacity.

We often call them our “rockstars,” and we mean it. At each semesters’ end, we’re sad to see them go as each intern class adds such unique flair and spunk to the team. Thankfully, we’ve held onto several rockstars who began as interns and worked their way up to apprentice, project coordinator and now on to account lead roles. If you’re ever in the same room with account leads, Molly, Peter and Callie, you’re looking at the intern class of Fall 2015!

Without further ado, allow us to introduce our Spring 2018 interns and apprentices:



“One of the most valuable skills I'm learning this semester is how to balance multiple clients who equally deserve high quality, excellent work. The opportunity to work in an agency setting is so fun and working on assignments for different clients each day keeps the work we're doing fresh and exciting! To say that the highlight of my semester has been walking into SSG each day is an understatement, and I can’t help but be immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside the very best.” - Kaci Pollack

With her big heart and passion for leadership, Kaci Pollack stays involved on campus through UGA Miracle and serving as a Resident Assistant. Her favorite things to do are laughing really loudly, cheering on the Dawgs and grabbing coffee with friends.


“SSG has taught me so many things about the PR industry that I didn’t know, but most importantly the power of relationships. It’s so cool to learn from the ways we connect with clients on a personal level, as well as a professional level. This office is one of the happiest places in Athens, with culture and people that make every day so much brighter. I couldn't think of a better place to gain real-world PR experience!” - Lauren Brennan

Lauren has great experience with writing, brand engagement and strategic analysis, and loves culture, history and a good silent disco. Her heart for storytelling fits well with our mission for telling stories that matter. After work, she enjoys catching a movie at Ciné, Flaming Hot Cheetos and is always looking for recommendations for books, movies, music or podcasts.


"I have been overwhelmingly impressed with how dedicated SSG is to teaching us and helping us grow confidence in our skills. The team is always encouraging and willing to answer any questions, while challenging us to reach our full potential. I feel grateful to be guided by such an amazing team of PR professionals.” - Ellie Holt

Born and raised in south Georgia, Ellie previously worked in Christian camps and would love to eventually do PR in the entertainment industry. For now, she's eager to learn, most confident in writing and has jumped right into her SSG teams. When she's not working on building her skills, she enjoys movie nights with her close friends or a bath with a hot cup of tea.  


“As an intern here, you feel very integrated into the team. I've done other internships, but SSG's is the best structured program I've been involved with. By far, the piece of work I’m most proud of is a contributed article on the hot topic of Bitcoin!” - Sierra Martin

Sierra has enjoyed refining her traditional PR skills in a boutique agency setting this semester. A lover of fashion (she's 6 foot and has experience in modeling!), she loves working with our fashion client, fab’rik. Expect to find her on any given day doing yoga, cheering on the Dawgs or relaxing with some retail therapy.


“One of my favorite quotes that has impacted me so far came from SSG’s co-founder, Andy, in a staff meeting. He said, ‘People need encouragement. The reason we meet is to celebrate each other.’ My internship has been such a learning experience in the world of PR but also in life! Even as an intern, I feel more and more lifted up and encouraged daily by the incredible people that make up the SSG family.” - Blaize Burley

A former UGA orientation leader, Blaize has been involved with leadership focused organizations for the entirety of her college career. She is most confident in social media, but is eager to learn anything we choose to teach. Her dream job would be marketing for a brand like Chick-fil-A or Children's Healthcare of Atlanta – anything with heart and service.



“After four semesters here, this team feels like my family. I began as an intern last January, and stayed on for the amazing ride as we exploded into growth, gaining new clients and expanding into our second decade as an agency. I love that every win is a team win, no matter how big or small. I’ll never forget how much it means that SSG gave me the confidence and wings to fly as a communicator.” - Grace Minella

Grace is a senior PR major and sociology minor graduating in May. At work, she gets very invested in her teams, and loves any chance to get creative or take on a project management task. Outside of work and school, her world revolves around family, friends, food and fun. She loves live music, hot yoga and can never resist half-priced oysters at Seabear.


“SSG has the best vibe. It's very motivating to work somewhere where I’m given so much responsibility and trusted to make the most of it. A year ago, I barely knew industry jargon, much less how to actually practice PR. After a little over a year of being constantly challenged and expertly supported, I feel fully equipped to take on the real world.” - Zach Chatham

Another fourth-semester apprentice, Zach is a senior pursuing a degree in PR, a minor in history, and a certificate in personal & organizational leadership. His mantra, “I want to make the world a cooler, kinder place,” is perfect testament to the energy he brings to the team.  When he’s not drafting social media captions, you’ll find Zach staying active in the UGA Orientation Leader program or planning his next camping trip.

We truly have the best team in the world, and it is a privilege to extend our expertise and culture to exceptional students. Think you’d be a great fit for our internship program, or know someone who would be? Our summer internship applications are already underway – learn more here. Applications close March 16!