SSG Summer Swoon


It’s official; summer is in full swing and we’ve entered the season of long, sunny days and sweet, starry nights. Summer is synonymous with freedom, a time when you can choose between travel and adventure, rest and relaxation, or both. No matter how you spend this season, it is a perfect opportunity to embrace new trends, test cool gadgets or take on a new hobby.

Summer may be heating up, but the SSG office is keeping it cool with the help of a few of our favorite things. Check out our list of Summer Swoons – products we’re swooning over this season – to spend this summer in style!



  • Flamingo Float 
    Co-founder Brittany raves, “I'm totally swooning over these party-sized flamingo floats! Some may say this is a bit pricey, but what's a good pool party convo worth to you?”

  • CHILLAX Travel Hammock
    Project manager Marina says, "Some days are meant for hustling and some days are meant for hanging around." The Chillax Travel Hammock is turning heads with weatherproof design and easy to adjust suspension system. With the capacity to hold up to 395 lbs, it’s perfect for you and a friend!

  • Digital Meat Thermometer
    Summertime is practically synonymous with backyard grilling. Great meals begin with great cooking tools so a wireless cooking thermometer is a no-brainer! PR specialist Suzanne explains, “We love to barbecue on our Green Egg in the summer – ribs, pork butt, anything really! So, this thermometer will be used all summer long.”

  • Inflatable Wind Chair
    These inflatable wind chairs are perfect for anything outdoors where you may be standing for a while. Social media specialist and avid outdoor concert goer Ashlyn raves, “This gives you a comfy and portable place to sit when you’re on the go!”

  • TreePod
    If you treasure childhood memories of sneaking away to a treehouse and spending hours relaxing in an escape to another world, this next item is for you. The TreePod is a spacious hanging retreat that Social Media Content Specialist Sarah says she could live in!



Home & Style

  • Holographic Backpack
    Content creator Zach raves, “I'm swooning over these holographic backpacks. Most major music festivals have enacted policies requiring all backpacks to be see-through, so this is my closest festival buddy these days. It has room for all the necessary goodies (cash, sunscreen, water), and it looks DOPE!”

  • Sorel Sandals
    Made by our client Columbia, these sandals are for anyone who values trendy on-the-go style. Paid digital specialist Robyn reports, “These versatile and stylish sandals are perfect for any summer adventure.”

  • Metallic Birkenstocks
    Project manager Callie explains, “I wear block-heeled sandals every day in the summer. For the sake of my feet, I've been announcing to anyone who would listen, ‘I'm going to get a pair of Birks’... for about 3 years. I stumbled upon these this week and have decided these are the ones for me. I mean it.”

  • Anthropologie Home & Furniture Collection
    Love spicing up your home with fun new interior accessories? So does Kaci. “This summer, I'm swooning over the entire Anthropologie Home and Furniture section. I'm moving into a new house in August and seriously want it to look like an Anthro catalogue – everything is so fun and trendy!”



  • Bird Scooters
    These fun-to-ride motorized scooters are "the perfect way to bop around town in style", according to PR Specialist Natalie. Just download the app, find a scooter near you, scan the QR code on the scooter and go. Bonus: "bird hunting" (finding the scooters) doubles as a fun summer activity.

  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    Our first item is a must for anyone spending their days behind a computer screen. Intern Marcella is swooning over her blue light blocking glasses sharing, “They protect your eyes from the harsh blue light from a laptop, while also making you look trendy!”

  • Robot Vacuum
    It’s hard to get excited about cleaning, but a robotic vacuum makes the mundane task a bit more exciting. Intern Ashley shares, “It charges itself and goes around your house cleaning without you having to worry about doing it yourself nearly as often.”

  • Bluetooth Adapter
    This is an item everyone can utilize to make roads safer with hands-free driving. “The tech item I'm currently swooning over is a bluetooth adapter that makes my aux into a bluetooth speaker! My car doesn't have bluetooth built in, so this way I'm able to listen to music without having to mess around with an aux cord that gets tangled up. Game changer!”


Things Too Cool to Place in a Category

  • Soccer Madness
    Jennifer, our Director of Social Media, is the biggest soccer fan we know. She explains that her summer swoon is “The unifying, enthusiastic, spine-tingling excitement surrounding the World Cup (and Atlanta United) and specifically how chants and the sport brings people together."


Self Care

  • Beautycounter Facial Oil
    The No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil from Beautycounter is a must-have addition to any skincare routine. Beautycounter is a company that is working hard to change the beauty industry and offer safer products. Monique, our Director of Public Relations, can’t get enough!

  • Trader Joe's Body Butter
    Content Specialist Ashlyn shares, “The body butter from Trader Joe's this summer smells like a piña colada and is perfect to soothe the skin if you get a little too burnt at the pool.”

Whether you’re looking for that perfect barbecue accompaniment, a way to beat the heat, or simply a product that makes summertime a little sweeter, we hope our team’s recommendations can help you squeeze every last drop of fun out of this season.