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Zach is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia with a passion for creative storytelling. Combining a love of story and a desire to make the world a better place led him to digital strategy. Zach loves creating resonant stories, always with the intention of creating greater understanding.

Best advice I've ever received: Life is bigger.

If I were a social media platform I'd be: Tumblr ca. 2012-2015.

Favorite word in the english language: Filigree.

On any given weekend, you'll find me: Taking a hike, cooking and laughing with friends, visiting my people in their cities or in full-on couch potato Netflix mode.

If I won the lottery tomorrow: I'd travel the world for a few months, buy my mom a house, invest the rest of the money, then enjoy my new life as a posh billionaire philanthropist.

Why SSG? There's no better place for growth.